Less sifting through resumes, more connecting with candidates.


2024 Tech Start-Up of the Year

HootRecruit was recognized as Nashville Technology Council’s Tech Start-Up of the Year.

Our Story

The idea for HootRecruit was born from our own search for new team members at our previous recruiting firm. Available sourcing methods either weren’t effective or were bogged down by long cycle times, inefficiencies, and inaccessibly high pricing.

We found so many of the tools we tested to be too expensive, too complicated, and bound by contracts,

So, we decided to build our own.

After doing so, we received glowing feedback from early customers on the quality of the results. We also heard a lot about how much time we saved recruiting teams. To further expand how and for whom we could serve, the decision to spin out and create IQRecruit was made.

We pride ourselves on making the candidate search as easy as possible. It’s made even easier by the fact that we’re currently offering your first role for FREE as we work toward our full product launch.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help recruiters connect with the right talent. How? By combining the power of technology with the recruiting expertise of real humans.


We focus on passive candidates

Focusing on passive candidates taps into the majority of the talent base, regardless of whether someone is actively searching for a job. We’re passionate about making candidate sourcing faster, more accessible, and easier to get started to get results.


We've streamlined top processes

We’ve streamlined the process of finding top-quality candidates and reaching out to them into one easy-to-use experience. This means our customers spend less time sifting through resumes and more time actually connecting with the right candidates.


We believe in
simply being human

As a team of former recruiters frustrated with the limitations of recruiting tools, we still believe humans are best at doing human things, like connecting and building relationships. That’s exactly why we created our own platform that puts both you and the candidate first.

Our Team


David Windley

Chief Executive Officer


John Beck

Product Development


Logan Serman



Tom Milic

Chief Operating Officer

Our Board Members and Investors


David Windley

Investor and Board Member
at HootRecruit

Executive Chairman,
Former CHRO Yahoo!,
Former Board Chair SHRM


Hugh Molotsi

Board Member
at HootRecruit

Former VP of Innovation
at Intuit, Founder
of Ujama, Author


David Cao

at HootRecruit

Former VP Human
Resources and
Operations at Alibaba


Jeff Diana

Board Member
at HootRecruit

Former CHRO at Calendly,
Former Chief People
Officer at Atlassian

Frequently asked questions.

HootRecruit is for recruiters, staffing and recruiting agencies, talent acquisition leaders, founders, and hiring teams — anyone who is hiring and needs help finding and connecting with top talent!

Please note, we are currently only supporting US-based roles. We hope to expand to other regions in the future.

HootRecruit provides curated passive candidate lists based on the details you share with us, all through an easy-to-use form. Here’s how it works:

1. Let us know the specifics of your hiring needs via our intake form. The more you tell us about your ideal hire, the better the results will be.

2. Next, HootRecruit works its magic to get you a curated list of candidates. Using a combination of technology and our personal recruiting expertise, you will receive results within two business days. We’ll include the candidate’s name, available contact information, and work experience based on your priorities.

3. Lastly, reach out to the candidates directly through HootRecruit using our easy-to-use email campaign builder, and get your role filled! 🎉

A passive candidate is someone who is not actively seeking a new job opportunity. If presented with a good opportunity, they might be interested in a change and join your team!

Did you know 70% of the talent base is passive? That means companies are missing out on most candidates if they only rely on posting the job position and hoping that qualified people apply.

We think that’s silly, so we’ve flipped the script. Why wait for your next hire to find you when you can go out and find your next hire?

Passive candidates tend to be a little harder to engage because they’re not actively in job search mode. With the right messaging and opportunity though, you never know who you might convince to work with you!